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  1. CharonPDX


    Recently did the test-drive when they were up here in Portland. Oof. Not good. While it *LOOKS* great, both inside and out, the driving experience is "terrible bordering on dangerous." Hopefully they can sort out the driving experience by actual release, but at least a couple of the issues...
  2. CharonPDX


    I'm one of the "handful with soft half doors" - and it's great in all but the heaviest of "blowing rain" condition. In even moderate rain, as long as you're moving forward, aerodynamics keeps the rain off you, and the half doors keep other-vehicle-splash off you. It's really only if there's a...
  3. CharonPDX


    Arcimoto has been in production since September. Have delivered about 40 vehicles so far. RickB's was ready, but he chose to delay delivery until the weather is nicer. I think it drives just fine in the rain even with the half-doors; although when it starts to drop below freezing, I'll be...
  4. CharonPDX


    I received my Arcimoto FUV "Evergreen Edition" in early October. I got vehicle #11 off the assembly line. I've been driving it for over two months now, and love it. As to the loose relationship between order numbers and delivery dates - yeah, there are a few factors at play. First was the...
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