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  1. harlan stephens

    Sun Visors , Sun Roof, Moon Roof, Glass Roof, Convertible?

    How long till the first elio gets chopped? Rat rodded? Hot rodded? ......
  2. harlan stephens

    On Horse Power

    The burnout is used in drag racing. It has its place.
  3. harlan stephens

    Elio Audio

    For motor sounds a v8 or a v twin bike sound great to me, a 3 cylinder eco commute motor? Uhh no thanks. Yep a great sound system is a must For the commute.
  4. harlan stephens

    10/29/2014 - Tech Talk - Engine Series: Part 3

    The use of sleaves would be wise on a for any start up company. Let the big guys do the r and d to the point they are using it. Spray bore is not proven anywhere near what a simple sleeve is. I would be overjoyed with liners.
  5. harlan stephens

    10/15/2014 - Tech Talk - Engine Series: Part 1

    Interesting jim. Learned somthing today. I am on the "jroot" "Just ran out of time" And scrambling to get a new rear end built....when the growl became a grind :-O I dont recommend it.
  6. harlan stephens

    Paul Elio Responds To Critics, Ttac, 10-20-2014

    Time will tell, mr jeff. And I am sure due to the programers work and cad software, they stand a much better chance at getting it right the first time. Just hope "experts" talked to "fisherman" :-D
  7. harlan stephens

    Paul Elio Responds To Critics, Ttac, 10-20-2014

    Software is very helpful. And I have seen expert's with software make huge blunders as well. Software is only as good as the knowledge and data that is entered. I have watched expert's with software make a ship ....the model sank..lol After the kinks were worked out the ship could not do its...
  8. harlan stephens

    I Saw It, Sat In It, I Want It.

    How about 25 of them, running the elio motor....no trailers, drive it there...wash off bugs and show it. Now that would sway many. And take less resources to do so.
  9. harlan stephens

    All About The Horn

    With all this talk about elio tipping, would a cow horn work? Aahhhh moooooo gaaa... Lol
  10. harlan stephens

    Military Service

    Seems are millatary bearing has slipped a bit. Thats it "re-boot camp"for the lot of you all... For a little extra millatary instruction...:O Or we could just go get a beer and swap war stories?
  11. harlan stephens

    Paul Elio Responds To Critics, Ttac, 10-20-2014

    Pretty much need them 25 prototypes out there running and meeting defined specs. was well as the ability to start up and sell it with out gov. Support. Then uncle sam will lend support. Imho.
  12. harlan stephens

    Military Service

    Military Service?????? Guys are way off topic....
  13. harlan stephens

    Question To All The Gearheads?

    Being this motor is being tuned for max mpg. Bet a performance style tune and more octane will put up more hp/trq . I for one would be happy with say 50 mpg and a little more oopf. A power adder would be fun turbo or supercharger. If the motor can handle it. Rotating assembly ..rods ect...
  14. harlan stephens

    Do I Need A Second Car?

    Kinda like finding a job before you quit one. I would wait for sure intill you have an elio to take its place. I need a back up car becuse the mustang Gets driven like a muscle car... And parts break. So I have downtime.
  15. harlan stephens

    Wings Over North Georgia Air Show, Rome, Ga - October 18 & 19

    I bet you find most hose stretchers. Drive many diffrent cars? Just sayin.
  16. harlan stephens

    Car Tipping

    ElioHas a metal frame. I would think that would be the point to dog it down.
  17. harlan stephens

    Ducati Testeratta Dvt Engine Radical New Engine Technology

    Ducati has always pushed envelope. The desmo valvetrain comes to mind..
  18. harlan stephens

    Ford Bullitt?

    The stang started in 1964-1965...ish The elio has a long long way to go to become an american icon... Same goes for any car still being built that started back in the 60s. This comparison is an apple and a watermelon and makes me chuckle. ;):p:-$ 50 years and going strong. 1,964 50th Special...
  19. harlan stephens

    Exhaust Sound

    A cb750 was my very first hot rod project as a kid. I messed that bike up pretty bad and learned the hard way..lol Went after top end hp....on the open road on a good day it was crazy fast. In traffic it was a hand full...hard to start. Ran like a peaky two stroke. Had to keep the rpms up.and...
  20. harlan stephens


    Yep about 6k into my yeti.
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