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  1. NSTG8R

    Mice Repellent

    Best mouse repellant we've found is a stray cat that my wife feeds. No mice, no rabbits and very few squirrels. :D
  2. NSTG8R

    Nascar 2020

    I caught the Coca-Cola 600. Strange seeing the empty speedway seating. :twitch:
  3. NSTG8R

    Coronavirus Info

    Oh yeah! You're gonna love this video, Sam! Never heard of the news source, but I did look up the Dr. they're interviewing and he is absolutely legit! Hope the link works. I'm not much of a 'techy'...
  4. NSTG8R

    Diy Hands On Projects

    For the trap area...Range is closed until "further notice". They should have just left it alone. :frusty: Worked just fine the way it was.
  5. NSTG8R

    Diy Hands On Projects

    Nice Jim!! I know you said you have a clamp on order, but maybe something like a metal axe handle wedge could work in a pinch. Cheap too! P.S. - Jay Henges is closed at the moment, but is "supposed" to be open by April 15th due to the coronavirus. Looking forward to checking out your new...
  6. NSTG8R

    Inspirational Quotes

    Not sure if I already posted this or not, but it's worth repeating….Got a copy framed on my living room wall. *Attitude* The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education...
  7. NSTG8R

    Jokes! ( Not Necessarily Work Safe )

    Ironically, the day you posted that I did indeed need to use some algebra! Had some molds made up at work for some urethane guards I'm making [work related stuff]. I figured the volume of each mold no problem, and using the specs of the two-part urethane the total weight of urethane required...
  8. NSTG8R

    Tesla Cyber Truck Unveil / Test Ride

    Well, I actually put money down on my Elio because my round-trip drive to work is exactly 84.4 miles, and gas was getting up towards $4 a gallon at the time. Seemed like a sign to me!
  9. NSTG8R

    Tesla Cyber Truck Unveil / Test Ride

    If you consider fact based data "propaganda", then you definitely don't want to click on it.
  10. NSTG8R

    What's Your Production Number? - Share You Number With Everyone On This Thread!

    Hmmm....Think that had anything to do with post #1919?:rolleyes:
  11. NSTG8R

    Coss, Ladies And Gentlemen

    Never heard of the guy. ;) Yes! Thank you, Coss and JEbar! :rockon:
  12. NSTG8R

    Friday Blog Is Out

    I think THE LAST vehicle I'd be in for storm chasing in an Elio. I'd be heading the opposite direction at WOT! :car:
  13. NSTG8R

    What Is Elio Stock Trading For Today?

    Never trust a Barista! Or any guy with a "man bun". :hippie:
  14. NSTG8R

    Friday Blog Is Out

    More like a 'bored' game. :rolleyes:
  15. NSTG8R

    Got To Bite The Bullet.....

    With only 2 years to go until retirement, I'm giving my Elio to my son, he drives 94 miles round-trip to work and back [mine's only 84]. Got too spoiled driving Caddies for the last two years so I'm sticking with them. Just picked up [Father's Day Weekend] this baby. 2005 Cadillac XLR with...
  16. NSTG8R

    I Have Given Up On Elio, Have You?

    In two years, the reason for me getting an Elio in the first place will be moot. My roundtrip to work and back is exactly 84 miles [actually, 84.4 depending on where in the parking lot I park]. I'll still take it, assuming they get built, and give it to my son since he also works here at...
  17. NSTG8R

    Odds & Ends And All Things That Don't Fit Anything Else

    Had a great Father's Day! Took a drive up to Indianapolis and traded my 2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe for this beauty! It's a 2005 Cadillac XLR with 8400 original miles on it. Pretty much a Corvette chassis with a Cadillac body on it. Thought it was a typo when I first saw the advertisement for...
  18. NSTG8R

    Jokes! ( Not Necessarily Work Safe )

    That's insulting to dipsticks! At least they're useful and easy to read!
  19. NSTG8R

    Lush Motors?

    Pickin' fly sh*t from pepper here, but Aptera has side-by-side seating, and Elio is of course tandem. Got to admit I do like the lighting on the Aptera's front wheel skirts. Definitely doing something to that affect with LED lights on my Elio [after delivery...duh!]
  20. NSTG8R

    Lush Motors?

    Who builds the chassis? Fischer-Price? :rolleyes2:
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