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  1. skygazer6033

    Atvm News - 2018 Fed Budget Proposal

    Something to keep in mind also, out of that $7300 EM has already collected $1000 from 22000 or so reservationists plus $500 to $850 in bonuses plus $300 for purchace commitment. Seems to me the first 22000 will be sold at $500 to $850 below cost. How does that work?
  2. skygazer6033

    Put A Fork In It. Elio Is Most Likely Toast.

    Actually the development of the Elio engine was one of the few good deals in the whole process. I seem to recall IAV only charged Elio $1.6 million for their engineering and development of the prototype engines. That's pocket change! Elio may have made some dubious financial decisions but I...
  3. skygazer6033

    Fuel Consumption Cost Of Open Fenders

    To answer the original question. Three or four years ago Elio made the biggest design change in pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency. That was the body design change from the open fenders, bug eyed headlights and rounded backside of the P3 to the enclosed wheel pants, faired headlights and squared...
  4. skygazer6033

    What Is Elio Stock Trading For Today?

    Ty --- The reason the Elio can't be safety test for the "5 star rating" is because of the tandem seating. Part of the test procedures call for a test dummy a certain weight in the driver's seat with a second test dummy of a certain weight seated in the passenger seat beside the first. Beside not...
  5. skygazer6033

    Jalopnik Claims Elio Has Only $100k In Bank, $123 Million In Debt

    Are assets considered part of "net present value"? If so, remember EM owns the tooling and equipment left by GM in the Shreveport facility. Paul borrowed $20 million or so from Stu Lickter to purchase that equipment. Part of it can be used in the manufacturing of the Elio and the rest sold or...
  6. skygazer6033

    Standard Equipment And Options

    Ty --- The "D" shape, overcenter lift wouldn't work on the front wheels. As soon as the wheel you're jacking starts to get light it will start to spin and go no higher. While all of these are good ideas they all add weight and complexity. It's not like youll need to change tires every 300 or 400...
  7. skygazer6033

    Is The Cam Drive Belt Or Chain?

    IIRC the reason MB timing chains have a master link is because MB recommends replacement of the chains at a specific interval. As low as 100k on some engines. There are also special tools that install over the cam sprockets to keep the chain from jumping the teeth as it is pulled through with no...
  8. skygazer6033

    Elio Belly Up. Fake News Or Not?

    I recall advice from an old First Sergeant. "Don't fall down 'til your shot". Until Elio tells me they've gone "tango uniform" I'm not going to be concerned. As for worry over the SEC fillings, one thing you can count on is each one is going to look worse than the last. They have no product to...
  9. skygazer6033

    What Is The Latest Start Production Date?

    I seem to recall from the very first SEC filling (the only one I read all of) the cost from IAV was only 1.6 million dollars and at a very low interest rate. In the scheme of things, that's pocket change. Probably the best deal in the whole project and definitely the way to go. To do otherwise...
  10. skygazer6033

    Closer Look At The E1c

    Busy work? What is busy work? The most critical part of a project like this is the part that's not done yet. No matter how small the part or procedure is it all has to be done before the vehicle is ready for production. If you don't have the funds or resources to take care of the big stuff then...
  11. skygazer6033

    Best Wishes To Frim

    My positive energy (and prayers) are with frim as well.
  12. skygazer6033

    L.a. Auto Show 2016

    I just noticed in the video the windshield wiper motor appears to be an articulated single wiper unit that was used by Mercedes for years. Operates on cams and rollers so the blade moves in and out as well as left and right. Let's you cover more of the windshield with a single wiper blade. Also...
  13. skygazer6033

    The Hud For The Elio

    Benny Hill theme --- Yakkety Sax by Boots Randolph.
  14. skygazer6033

    Video: Paul Elio Presents To The Sec

    Non-disclosure Agreement. This puts Paul between a rock and a hard place. One government entity wants answers while another government entity says its illegal to give answers.
  15. skygazer6033

    Turbo-charging .9 Liter Elio Engine

    Another case of using the wrong word. Both the belt and the chain are reliable. Durability is what you're really looking at. That is, the chain is more durable. I'm sure the chain would last 2 or 3 times as long as a belt. The only reason I can think of to use a belt is there is very slightly...
  16. skygazer6033

    Turbo-charging .9 Liter Elio Engine

    I noticed that myself. It's the kind of thing that happens when announcements are made by computer people rather than engineering people. Unless IAV has made a major redesign, the engine still uses a timing chain.
  17. skygazer6033

    Elio Events 2016

    I seem to recall reading somewhere (please don't ask where) that the P5 was sent back to IAV for additional engine work. Hopefully VVT and emissions systems. Seems like this was reported at one of the tour stops.
  18. skygazer6033

    Disaster On Three Wheels. Oh, My....

    When I first taxied an airplane it did seem odd sitting in the center. Took about 5 minutes to get hang of it. I really don't think it will be a problem.
  19. skygazer6033

    Got Obd Port?

    Yes the Elio will have an OBDII port. This was discussed at length a year or so ago. Something that will need to be considered is the ECM. The last I heard the Elio was to have a very rudimentary ECM (made in India IIRC for Continental) and would not have streaming data at the port. The only...
  20. skygazer6033

    How Much Do You Plan To Spend On Your E

    RonnieB --- Don't forget the "destination charge"and "documentation fee". We've seen no numbers on either of these but could be a considerable amount. There has been speculation that destination charge could be anywhere from $350 to $800. Documentation fee could be $75 to $200. Sales tax is...
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