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    Momentum V93 -

    I'm going to venture an educated guess (different from "fiction"), based of the "fact" that the exhaust manifold/header, plays an integral roll towards meeting EM's fuel efficiency target. So, YES...It is a "performance header" inasmuch as it will be "performing" the task for which it is...
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    Momentum V93 -

    There are some "issues" with the ceramic coatings, and I have been a big fan of them. Altho they do stay good looking for a long time, for exhaust manifolds, when applied only to the "outside" of the part, the ceramic coating (thermal barrier) keeps the heat in the metal. This is good for...
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    Momentum V93 -

    Same here. Its physical size would be important, too. AC Delco "used to make" the CS 130, which was a conversion popular with the Suzuki Samurai crowd. Only 130mm dia. (tiny) and delivered high amperage below 2k rpm's....Hmmm, right about the RPM's that the Elio is supposed to be happy.
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    Elgin Dash Got Nixed

    You must have some pretty solid inside information to come to some of your conclusions. But, I'll give you a "B-" for imagination. Edit: "C"
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    Elgin Dash Got Nixed

    ....And the "base sticker price" jumps to $14,995. :flame: And by year 2 Paul is replaced. By year 4, the EM brand is discontinued due to quality issues.
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    Elgin Dash Got Nixed

    Well said, booboo! You're smarter that the average. BEAR! There, I said it. :faint:
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    Ok Elio... Step Up To The Plate!

    WOW! With demands like you just "laid out", you are undoubtedly a "major shareholder!" Congratulations!! You must also be aware that the rest of us (NOT "major shareholders") are "entitled" to nothing. EM has been good enough to invite us along on their journey. We have no right to "tell them...
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    What Is The Latest Start Production Date?

    You're correct!....no new technology. That aspect is one of the big reasons Elio will be successful. A simple, economical, (cheap to repair) commuter autocycle. Paul has explained how the integrated "technology" (even in high dollar cars) become obsolete within just a few years. Everything on...
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    Standard Equipment And Options

    I agree. Good tool to have leaning in the corner of my home shop. SO, since I plan to install a short pair of air horns, along with an on-board compressor anyway, It will open up some other possibilities for me. :)
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    Standard Equipment And Options

    Now, THAT is way too simple. I was thinking...carry a radio controlled drone that is capable of lifting at least 400lbs...:boink:
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    Standard Equipment And Options

    One "challenge" to consider is, as you "lift" the body, the suspension "droops". Probably 4-6" before the tires will clear the ground. So, If you work out a way to "pin" the suspension in its compressed position, your "CAM" lift would only need 1 1/2"- 2 1/2" . Or place the "cam" directly...
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    You gonna power the front wheel?
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    Faraday Future's Ff91 (reservations)

    Interesting V-dub. It has been a few years since I last saw a "custom" bumper like that...even in E. Tennessee. :brushteeth:
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    Average Age Of Elio Fans.

    Define "passengers"? Do hamsters count? :boink:
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    What Is The Latest Start Production Date?

    maybe,... he learned English,... from Captain,... James T. Kirk :becky: :drum:
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    What Is Elio Stock Trading For Today?

    seriously myopic
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    "skinny" Tires??

    You may as well stay home because everything will be closed until the streets are plowed. :becky: The laws of physics disagree with you.
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    Improvements To The Steering Wheel?

    I don't want green, I want red to match my paint color....unless I decide to buy a Creamsicle, then I want the steering wheel logo to match... I have an idea, why don't you spend a whole "penny", and paint it yourself? :heh:
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    297,526 Miles .... Rip 2005 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2l Ecotec

    Good for you! The best I ever got out of my GM's was 232K. I've had several Hondas with well over 300K and currently driving a Geo tracker (canadian built) with 299K. Auto trans is failing and I plan to swap in a 5-speed...soon. This time of the year I get people offering to buy it almost every...
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    Am I The Only Person Who Likes The Elgin Dash?

    I may be wrong but, I thought Pauls dad actually had a hand in the design of the elgin watches.....?
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