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  1. zelio

    The Elio Standard Transmission

    Patience. You will find out when you get to test drive it. That is the only way to know for sure. :-) Z
  2. zelio

    The Morgan 3 Wheeler

    Leno's is from1946 according to what he said. What modern ones are like I have no idea. :-) Z
  3. zelio

    Is Elio Being Ignored By Mainstream Auto Industry Press?

    I love your sense of humor. :p :rolleyes: :) Z
  4. zelio

    Honda "civic", Nissan "altima", Elio "...?"

    You mean they are still making James Bond movies or is this a different Bond? :-) Z
  5. zelio

    Elio In Richmond For Christmas

    I believe after that they will be going to the next Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ. It starts January 10, I believe. :-) Z
  6. zelio

    Personal Attacks, Stirring The Pot Is One

    They didn't teach that version in my school. I feel cheated. :p:rolleyes::) Z
  7. zelio

    Reservations: 65341 As Of 6/20/2017

    Elio Motors only allows $1,000 maximum reservation. :-) Z
  8. zelio

    Elio In Richmond For Christmas

    That is what Jerome told me also. :-) Z
  9. zelio

    The Morgan 3 Wheeler

    Consider the fact that the Morgan is very old. I'm sure there has been considerable improvement in the way vehicles are built to improve the comfort of the ride. People in this country won't accept anythig less. :-) Z
  10. zelio

    Reservations: 65341 As Of 6/20/2017

    Congratulations, Catia. We look forward to you receiving your number. :-) Z
  11. zelio

    The Tucker...an Elio Design Precedent?

    There is a video of the crumple zones of the Elio on EM website. I think that will give you the best idea of why they feel they can reach that 5 star rating. :-) Z
  12. zelio

    Freeway 3 Wheeler

    Interesting. Do you have a picture of one? :-) Z Oops. I guess I should have read the rest of the thread. :oops:
  13. zelio

    The Morgan 3 Wheeler

    I really didn't think I would enjoy it but I did. Thanks for sharing. I don't know how old the video is but he obviously doesn't seem to realize the 3 wheeler is a mc in the USA also. :-) Z
  14. zelio

    Reservations: 65341 As Of 6/20/2017

    I was surprised they closed the count on Thursday instead of including the weekend. I guess we will get the weekend results next week. The reason I didn't do the figures is because the last few weeks they have used the same date for two weeks of reservations. I imagine it will be more clear...
  15. zelio

    Reservations: 65341 As Of 6/20/2017

    12/22/14 Reservations as of 12/18/14 are 37,710. Since they have changed the way of reporting the dates and reservations I am not sure how to figure daily or even weekly levels. Therefore, I will let some of the other number nuts do it for us. Enjoy! :-) Z
  16. zelio

    Most Comfortable Long Distance Highway Vehicle

    I have considered using velcro but simply have not gotten around to doing it. After all, I don't even think of it except when I need it. I'll have to see if I have some appropriate string around here because that doesn't have to be sewn. Thanks for the suggestion. LOL :-) Z
  17. zelio

    3d Model

    It is surprising how much closer together the headlights look in this rendering compared to the P4 even though they are in the same place. Very interesting. :-) Z
  18. zelio

    250,000 Units Per Year ?

    You had way too much fun writing that! I am sure!!!:p :D :rolleyes: :) Z
  19. zelio

    New Engine Unveiling And Testing

    Hi and welcome from Oregon, Joseph Kidd. The last I heard they had already reached 80 mpg and are sure they will be able to tweek the engine to reach their goal. I firmly believe they will not only do it but will also surpass that goal. But then I am known as a true believer. I am totally...
  20. zelio

    Honda "civic", Nissan "altima", Elio "...?"

    Oh my, I sure hope you are kidding. I may not be able to have a kitten or cat in my home, but I do love them and would have one if I could. :-) Z
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