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  1. CaribbeanZombie

    The Elio Engine

    I changed my mind...I don't want an Elio with an ICE, I want one that runs on air...that sounds much cheaper! LOL :D
  2. CaribbeanZombie

    The "let's Argue Over Colors And What Elio 'said'" Thread

    Okay, I made it through 12 pages of Paladins absurdities...I had to skip ahead!!! If this was already mentioned, I apologize! It sorta combines a coupla topics from this thread, color & lights (& visibility): Lumilor paint...google it...it's paint that glows when provided with an electrical...
  3. CaribbeanZombie

    The Elio Engine

    I'm curious about testing the production engines!?! I know nothing about the process, but everyone seems on the edge of their seat for the results of the prototype engine. I know, I'm one of those people too! However, every single part of the prototype engine is a "hand made" piece & was hand...
  4. CaribbeanZombie

    Will Other Drivers See Us?

    I asked EM about the clearance issue, as I'm planning on driving my Elio into Central America & their roads are just a tad rougher than what we have here. I was told by EM that there would be upgraded suspensions available as an option. I'm not sure how much ground clearance will be gained with...
  5. CaribbeanZombie

    3d Model

    Absolutely amazing work, as always! I want a lil Elio luggage carrier so bad, it will definitely be on my list of "must have" options! Thanks Ari! ;)
  6. CaribbeanZombie

    3d Model

    If you move the saddlebags back a lil bit, they would almost look like another wheel faring, without the wheel & they would obscure the view of the rear wheel, giving the rear end a hover-craft appearance! :D
  7. CaribbeanZombie

    Elio/iav Engine Dyno Testing

    Thanks for the update Jim! I wondered if they just ran the engine til it died with regular oil changes, ran it until it died without oil changes, or forced the engine failure?!? I thought most engines had a sensor to kill the engine when it becomes dangerously low on oil? Do they remove the...
  8. CaribbeanZombie

    3d Model

    Wow Ari, that is just amazing!!! I'm assuming it has LED screens inside to replace the side mirrors! ;) Ya know what would be awesome!?! Take the dash & do some different configurations, i.e. different instrument clusters (non-Elgin), a storage cubby (for wallet or smokes)! Start a new thread...
  9. CaribbeanZombie

    Lightening The Load!

    I read awhile back about an aftermarket package for the mini coopers, called the "mini mania" package, which replaced heavier components with lighter ones & boosted horsepower. Idk if there is already a thread about this, but I was wondering if there's going to be an option to spend a bit more...
  10. CaribbeanZombie


    There is always the chance, due to lack of availability & high demand, our Elios could appreciate by driving them offa the lot! Wouldn't that just be one more awesome, "I toldya so", when the day comes to get your Elio from the factory! ;)
  11. CaribbeanZombie

    I Was Hoping For A Lack Of "nay Sayers" When I Joined This Forum

    The Elio is just a big scam & everyone on this site are just unrealistic dreamers...no car company that puts the gas cap on the wrong side could ever be for real!!! BAH-HAHAHAHAHA...I JUST KIDDING!!! Great folks, great information, great discussions over a great product...great to have you...
  12. CaribbeanZombie

    Elio Buyer Financing Options Discussion

    Just an auto trans, cruise & the Skyzmatic system will be around $3k! Not to mention P3 fenders, opening rear windows, rear view cam & upgraded suspension...the list goes on & on! Paying interest sucks, but it's the price of instant gratification! ;)
  13. CaribbeanZombie

    The Elio Engine

    I think Elio should offer this engine as an "option", along with some Z rated tires! I want 2...one stock & one "SS" version (with that Nissan engine)! Can I still get 84+ mpg?!? :D
  14. CaribbeanZombie

    Elio Buyer Financing Options Discussion

    Since there will be a minimum amount due each month, it would have to be VERY low to live up to Elio's claim that you can pay for your new vehicle with what you save in gas! Giving a REALLY LOW estimate of 500 miles to a tank of gas, most people will still only fill up one time a month & it's...
  15. CaribbeanZombie

    Name That Elio / Elio Logo / Elio Marketing

    I like the name Elio E84...unless the motor performs better than expected...maybe the Elio E100?!? :D
  16. CaribbeanZombie

    Options And Upgrades, Cruise Control, Etc...

    Whether this is a $500 vehicle or a $50k vehicle...I'd treat them the same! Just because it's only $6800 doesn't mean that it's a throw away vehicle (although maybe to some)! I always swore that I'd NEVER buy a new vehicle & watch the depreciation as I drove it off the lot...the Elio has made...
  17. CaribbeanZombie

    Tell All Your Friends, The 50% Bonus Is Back!

    Okay, I just asked EM if this promotion is Black Friday ONLY or "until further notice" & this was their response: EM: Hello Mike, the 50% bonus is a holiday promotion, so we plan on it lasting at least until the new year. ACCORDING TO EM, THIS PROMOTION IS EXPECTED TO LAST UNTIL THE NEW...
  18. CaribbeanZombie

    Tell All Your Friends, The 50% Bonus Is Back!

    Okay, it's officially "black friday" & no announcement on EM's website about anything?!? Must say...curiousity is killing this cat!!! ;)
  19. CaribbeanZombie

    Options And Upgrades, Cruise Control, Etc...

    So, I asked EM about an autobra, in a coupla different forums & got a coupla different answers! In order to keep our Elio(s) looking shiny & new, with no chips in the paint, here are EM's suggestions: EM: One of the options that we have planned is a vinyl wrap around the entire vehicle, so you...
  20. CaribbeanZombie

    Options And Upgrades, Cruise Control, Etc...

    I tried the search function, to no avail, but I am planning on making the trip from Michigan to Louisiana, in order to do the factory tour, watch my Elio get built & then drive it home! I am SERIOUSLY worried about getting home, getting out of my brand new Elio, just to find chips in the paint...
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