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2022 Maverick ordered - maybe my #608 Elio


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Mar 20, 2014
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I checked the FAQ on the Aptera website, it says..

"How many vehicles have been built?

We’ve completed three Alpha vehicles, Noir, Sol and Luna. We are currently finalizing development of our Beta vehicles, with a goal of having a production intent vehicle design by the end of 2021. We plan to scale production and begin deliveries of our first Paradigm edition vehicles in early 2022.
Take a cruise on the 101 with our latest Alpha vehicle, Sol, channeling the sun and its power to set Aptera owners free. We’ll be unveiling our third and final Alpha, Luna, up ahead very soon.

I already have my own reservation in a long time ago. Hopefully they will honor that. If they do produce in 2022, and they do very many, well if the power calculator applies to the basic $26k, I will save the 2.5 gas tanks I use every week, or $75/wk. According to the calculator it would need no charging here in AZ for my daily commute of 25mi. The calculator actually says I can go up to 35mi daily. I assume that means I have to park out in the open with full sun. Not to hard too do here in AZ.
So I'm sure I can afford what ever is above $300mo for the vehicle loan. Carvana says $385 for a $26k vehicle with my credit level and 72 mo payoff.
However, seems their first 2022 model out the door will be the 400mi range, $29,800 model which calcs at about $444/mo.
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