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Apr 20, 2014
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Keep and eye on Mark's BEX as that will probably make it to market.
I’m keeping a close eye on BEX, along with a couple of other concepts, but realistically the odds are better that none of them ‘probably’ won’t make it to market. I hope they all do, and if so, it takes a new startup vehicle manufacturer (Vanderhall, Arcimoto/FUV and the available soon ElectraMecannica)/SOLO to name 3) typically 6-10 years to cross the certified production model finish line and another 3-5 years to scale production numbers and offer regional sales/delivery/service to all 50 States. I’ll be 84-90 years old. I’m hoping to see a completed BEX prototype screaming around the test track in a year and a test drive BEX Beta Fleet in the next 3-5 years. That would be amazing progress.
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