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May 29, 2015
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It seats one but also does not give the open air riding experience that the FUV does, which I believe was one of the appeals for Rickb. We spoke a bit about this since we both test drove the FUV and both enjoyed it. I gave up motorcycles for my Miata for the open air commuting experience, the FUV felt like a cross between them. Not as open and free as a bike but more so than the Miata.
If I wanted open air commuting experience on a clear day, I'll roll both window down or up when it's raining!;) I can enjoy driving with either arm resting by the window while holding the wheel with the other and still have control of the brakes and speed with my foot like a normal car. Also, I think the 20K price does not include the full enclosure doors/windows. In the same mind set as 84mpg, it's like a soaped-up golf cart and unlike the SOLO 3.0, the FUV's batteries are NOT liquid-cooled which is a big consideration.


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Dec 24, 2019
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Are they in production? Has anybody heard whether RickB got his Arcimoto?

Arcimoto has been in production since September. Have delivered about 40 vehicles so far. RickB's was ready, but he chose to delay delivery until the weather is nicer. I think it drives just fine in the rain even with the half-doors; although when it starts to drop below freezing, I'll be hoping they finish the full doors soon. (My completely wild-ass-guess is that they'll be ready by mid February.) Even without the full doors, the seat heaters and handlebar grip heaters are enough for "just about freezing" temps as long as I wear a hat. (I'm balding, so wind whipping the top of my head is just a bit too cold. If I had a full head of hair, I'd probably be fine.)

The "cross between a motorcycle and a Miata" is a good one. Although with the roof over the head, and a roll cage, it's even better than an old Miata.
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