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Dream Cruise

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Dec 5, 2013
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East Keester, OHIO
Sorry, We didn't stay long and I didn't get many pictures. My cell phone is completely drained, it must charge over night. Same for me. I have been up since three oclock this morning. We did have a wonderful time meeting new friends and visiting with old ... old, lol. Jokes on me. I will report more in the morning. I managed to check on only the goats before dark, they are fine.


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May 2, 2014
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Loveland OH

Dream Cruise Report

The Dream Cruise is a mob scene and great fun. Zillions of people, and about every conceivable car from Ferraris to beat-to-crap old station wagons parade up and down Woodward avenue, where throngs of people sit on lawn chairs to gawk at them. It's a great atmosphere, very friendly, and just a hoot to attend.

I talked with a lot of Elio folks today, and gathered some info. Not in any particular order:

1. Elio's funding picture has entirely changed since the company went public, and is MUCH more positive. The ATVM loan is not the only financial road forward for Elio (which we've all heard before) -- but it is the preferred road, because the low-interest loan it would create does not dilute the stock. Also, the ATVM loan monies are paid directly to Elio's suppliers, and would be ONLY for the purposes of setting up the plant. In effect, Elio itself would not receive the ATVM money.

2. The windshield washer issue is still not settled. Turns out it's more complicated than just saving money. If you consider the Elio as a car, there are regulations regarding the construction and location of fluid reservoirs on the car. If you go the motorcycle route, there are no regs for the simple reason that most bikes don't have windshields! Or at least not ones with wipers. Resolution is expected soon.

3. Seven more cars are in the works right now.

4. Regarding confusion and misgivings over the Commitment Program: Elio is well aware that the program needs clarification. Several more mailings are planned, and Paul will be doing a video tape about it.

5. The R&T people in New York were given a specific route to follow, one that involved a lot of clockwise one-way streets (to avoid crossing oncoming traffic) and to avoid specific roads that were under construction. The freelance writer who did the road test did not follow this route, which certainly contributed to the noises, rattles, and fender issues. I doubt he'll be offered another trial of the car.


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Dec 5, 2013
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East Keester, OHIO
We had a wonderful time. Pam V and the tour team babysat my little dog while we ate our dinner. I wasn't much impressed with the dinners we got but it was nice to get in the air conditioning. Poor little Tippy. We were all dying in that heat. He slept all the way home. A four hour drive.


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