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Elio gets a new neighbor


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Apr 20, 2014
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Just a random thought of how it COULD get done.

I moved on to Toyota and the Prius Hybrid, so a hybrid, rather than electric is my power plant. They have the background to do it right and the resources. They also have a worldwide market so they could spread the minimum number of units across the world where this is really not as unusual from the current vehicles. They also have the existing network of sales sites in place as well as delivery logistics.

The change I would make is for the Hybrid to have a plug in OPTION for those who use the vehicle for daily commutes and local driving. But having the gasoline to extend the range and evacuation reliability.

Now it wouldn't meet the $8000 target of old, but with the Prius just $25K or so, I suspect they could achieve a price point of $15k.

Anyway, just a thought.
Your Toyota Prius Hybrid is a smart practical choice with local award winning servicing dealerships nationwide. Toyota finally got the styling right on the 2023 model. :) I have evolved to pure electric, but the Hybrid is the most logical choice for those with range anxiety………..4 wheels and auto safety rated. Note: I don’t think any new three wheeler startup could meet the $8000 target price…….marketing strategy only. Current three wheelers on the market: Harley, Can AM Spyder, Slingshot, Vanderhall, and the Arcimoto FUV close to or well over the $27,450 base model Prius. Toyota was road testing a fleet of their i-Road three wheeler concept, but apparently decided not to bring it to production.


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Jan 6, 2017
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Hellertown, PA
The i-Road was never going to work. According to Toyota, it had a top speed of 27 mph and a range of 31 miles (driving at 19 mph). We had to remember the timeframe. This was 10 years ago and Elio had a three wheeler promising 110 mph and a range of 680 miles. So, Toyota probably decided that it was not worth it to compete with that. Plus in 2013, there were not charging stations all over the place. Could the improve on that today? I bet they could, but forget any super sub $10K pricetag. That ship has sailed.

Nimbus has theirs and for the first ones that come out in Q3 of this year, they have a 93 mile range with a top speed of 50 mph. With the Nimbus S coming out in Q1 of 2024, that's a 75 mph top speed and a range of ?. So with it costing $9800, the Nimbus is keeping Toyota out of the three wheeler market yet again. Especially the tilting.

Maybe Arcimoto could make the FUV tilting. They have a bolt on kit for motorcycles. It has to be easy for them to change the fitment and then it would be a go.
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