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Please Help Update Records

Dec 5, 2013
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East Keester, OHIO
I have 84 people in the OHIO group that have reservation numbers. BUT, I need to hear from the following folks to see if they have gone all in yet. I tried to watch for you all;s reports and might have missed them.

Aaron Lee
Aaron Reedy - verified $100
Bob Mast - verified $100
Brent Abshear
Brian (Triangles)
Dallas Risner
Dave Denny (Double D)
David Watts & Julie Watkins
Goeff Fannin
Jason Thiede
Jeff & Jan Hawthorn
John Bern
Ken Skirtz
Mack Bailey
Michael Hawk
Pat Gasdick
Patrick Ayers
Rodney Armstrong
Ron Asman
Steve (Golf Steve) Scott
Tim & Tom Nichols
Jack Foy
Chuck Dague
Alex Protopopow
Brandi Day
Brian Hammer
Chris Hankinson
Chris LaDeaux
Clyde Miller DC - KY
Dan (HornerDees) Zikurch
Dan Neville
David Hoover
David M Diehl
Duane & Jan Mallory
Gary Lehman
Greg (Gregory) Ellis
Greg Mach
Harold Anapol
Harvey Feenstra
Jim Chagnon
Jim Miller
Keith Miles
Ray Kneipp not yet
Richard Moeckel
Robert (ElioBob) Fleps
Ron Stoner
Ryan Fennell
Tim & Deb Travelot
Tom & Katie Krusak - PA

Made in USA

Elio Addict
Mar 30, 2017
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Eric Brown (Made in USA) Dayton Ohio
All in $100
(Plus $500 in stock)
Watched for years before going all in.
I believe there were about 55,000 reservations then.
Saw the Elio at Detroit show. Sat in it. Felt good.
Do not want to be one of the first to get one.
Will give it custom paint job.
Estimate cost of my Elio about $12,000 with options. (Paint extra)
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