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Trikes Looking For Homes


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Mar 20, 2014
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I'm cross posting this to this thread as better topic for it...
If you want to go there:
I have an electric trike in the basement that I can’t use. And I’m not good at selling things. It just doesn’t happen.
The question is do you want it or do you have an idea about a good place to donate it. Is brand new.
Story of the Electric Trike -- not quite as bad as Elio. Both dark of the night purchases.
Through a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 I bought a newly designed platform trike. It was designed and posted by two bicycle stars in Australia. Pictures below. By the time it was delivered in late 2018, I had had back surgery and couldn’t stand on the platform long enough to get anywhere or still walk when I did. And I discovered that it can’t be taken on the Metro in DC.
It was assembled, tested, and ridden a few blocks to the bike shop to be sure the front power drive was assembled correctly, otherwise, it is unused and has been stored inside.
Tester said it is very fast and he was sorry he didn’t have a helmet.


DC-Tri electric bike. Retail value $2100 plus new helmet ($65) and lock ($113). The DC-Tri is not otherwise available in the US.
It will pull the small trailer that seems standard on bikes.

Bike Helmet, Matte Lime UA Performance Headband Bundle.

Kryptonite New-U New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock. (I’ve lived in Manhattan and trust any lock that works there.)

DC-Tri's powerful brushless front hub motor produces speeds of up to 15mph/25kph, high-quality disc brakes, smooth-riding shock forks, and a 36V, 13AH lithium-Ion battery are just a few of the high-quality components that set the trike apart from standard e-bikes.

• Up to 15mph/25km
• Five-mode controller LCD Screen
• Eco Friendly
• Zero Turning Radius
• Suspension
• USB Port
• Easy to Store
• Up to 30 miles/50klm on a single charge
• Recharges in 4 hours

Wheel sleeves for drifting available from the website.


With that size/type of craft, location is the determination factor.

Around here, I would put in Craigslist and include few good pictures. But I'm in AZ, USA.
The key words will be the factor that maters most next. "Electric, Trike" needs to be in there of course. "Personal, Transportation" would be good too. If priced low or free, it will not stand for long as a guess.

I have to consider this myself at some point. I have a Terra-Trike converted to EV with an ETek motor drive. The thing could go 60MPH(100kph) if it had enough voltage on it(max 15HP). Right now at 48v, 35-50 is at it's upper limit. But that speed is a bit TOO fast for that layout and for where the center of gravity is. That drive could convert a motorcycle to EV if I wanted to do so.

Two problems with the trike, the rear tire is bicycle level hardware, and at that weight it really needs to be more at the moped or small motorcycle level. And too the battery rack is bent, since straps storing the bike high on a wall broke. So I'm conflicted on a path forward on that one. I could just opt to make an entirely new vehicle from it.
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