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Got To Bite The Bullet.....

Discussion in 'General Elio Discussion' started by 84mpg, May 15, 2019.

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    Nov 25, 2013
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    I take issue with the "hoax" idea. By the way, oral chelation is not "small bottles of vitamin drops". Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid (EDTA -Cardio Renew) is an amino acid, no vitamins in those bottles!. I started reading articles about chelation in the late 1970's. Read the books: Clinic! (1991) and Chelation Can Cure (1984) by Dr. E.W. McDonagh, Bypassing Bypass by Dr. Elmer Cranton (1984), and The Chelation Answer by Dr. Garry Gordon and Dr. Morton Walker(1982). They had over 100,000 patients between them that benefited from EDTA chelation with such conditions as cardiac blockages, old age senility, diabetic gangrene, and a multitude of other conditions. Dr. McDonagh even commented that of over 25,000 chelation patients who went through a full course of 30+ treatments, he could not think of one ever coming down with cancer afterward! EDTA was patented in 1941 and the patent expired (1958) before they had evaluated everything it does in the body. The first and only thing the medical monopoly has approved EDTA chelation for is Lead and other heavy metal poisoning. Becoming an "orphan drug" is the reason no adequate study has been ever been done on EDTA (or ever will be done). EDTA Chelation has a better safety record than aspirin. Big Pharma cannot make a lot of money off of it. It is actually cheaper now since the patent is gone. EDTA will not go away because it is FDA approved as a food preservative - it is present in most canned foods - look on the label. Do not listen to the shills who have not researched EDTA chelation.
    Just like Sweden and Germany banned mercury amalgam fillings over 20 years ago due to the toxity, The Scandinavian countries, Russia, and Czechoslovakia have made EDTA chelation the first choice of treatment for heart disease. Big Pharma and the AMA are the reasons America will never catch up with other countries! If you want to know disapproved modalities that work, go to Quack Watch - a website put together by a man (Dr. Stephen Barrett) who has an MD after his name but never practiced medicine! When shills come out you know you are over the target.
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