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What Is The Latest Start Production Date?

Discussion in 'General Elio Discussion' started by grampi, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Maurtis

    Maurtis Elio Addict

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    Jan 14, 2016
    San Marcos, TX
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    I disagree that in order to succeed the Elio has to be EV, but we can both agree that without funding there will belio no Elio. Now it would probably be easier for Elio to get funding as an EV...

    I definitely think there is still a market for super cheap gas powered basic transport. Especially at 49 - 84 MPG. Unless the IAV motor is really goofy, then any mechanic should be able to work on it, you do not need to plug it in every night, it is familiar technology and no range anxiety. Simple, cheap, and hopefully reliable.

    Do not get me wrong, I do think EVs are the future. I am invested in Sondors too and tried to get my wife to go for a Tesla (she went with a gas powered Jaguar instead). But the low price point for Elio is the killer feature, along with being unique. If Elio does roll out a cheap EV model with decent range and good performance, I would opt for it over gas. But if I had to choose a path to most sales for Elio, it would be gas due to the versatility and being what people are used to. Even better if they used a gas motor from a known manufacturer, but oh well...

    And while people here have said the design is outdated, I really think when we see them on the road people will flip out.
  2. webartist

    webartist Elio Aficionado

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    Apr 23, 2016
    Harlem, Ga.
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    I read the following post on Yahoo Finance I thought was somewhat insightful.

    First let me say that I am not an investor or spot in line holder, nor am I an investor in Overstock parent company of tZero.

    I have been following this as an observer, and from the current situation of things here are some of my observations.

    Elio is stating that they are still in the funding phase to get to production of their autocycle. They claim that there is a non disclosure agreement/gag order that prevents them from discussing financing and investing and that could very well be.

    From appearances they seem to have five prototypes, three of which are non viable for production as they are the tube frame design they had to abandon because of production costs being more than the target price. They continue to show the two running prototypes to drum up investors and reservations. These two prototypes are now three to four years old, and from searches they only have one or two engines of their own design that no one has heard or read of the any test results other than one dyno run video. They multiple letters of intent from suppliers, but if you search the suppliers there is no mention of them working with Elio. Letters of intent are great, but there does not seem to be anything supplied from them, and the vendors are not going to produce anything on promises. (Yes, Elio has stated that they have had supplier meetings recently, but with who?)

    The other thing to remember is the basic design of the vehicle is now between six and ten years old. That's close to two life cycles of most other vehicles on the road. Even the things they planned for in the two viable prototypes are now close to five years old. Meanwhile, Acrimoto and Electra Meccanica are delivering vehicles in limited numbers to customers while gathering financing and ramping up production.

    On the financial side, there was the big announcement by Overstock and Elio of the $2.5 million dollar investment by Overstock, and the understanding that tZero would become the investment portal to fund Elio to production with the sale of Security Tokens by tZero once tZero had been funded for it's blockchain securities system theat still has to receive approval by the SEC (the same SEC that had to approve the initial Elio IPO, and their subsequent conversion to NASDAQ which never happened because of a lack of funding). So far from what I have read in Forbes, tZero has yet to reach their funding requirement even with letters of intent (sound familiar?) with Venture Capitalists group from Hong Kong.

    Speaking of Overstock, their stock has lost almost 2/3rds of it's stock price since the first of the year. In January Overstock was at almost $90.00/share. Currently they are at ~$29.00/share, and if you read the financials, the consensus is that Patrick Byrne would sell Overstock in an attempt to fund tZero which is getting lost in the sea of blockchain/security coin/cryptro currency forest.
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  3. Ty

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    Feb 28, 2014
    Papillion, NE
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    Funny. I clicked on a random supplier and got their homepage... Admiral Tool. Click on "Products". Click on... wait for it... "Elio Program"


    Admiral Tool Elio.JPG

    EDIT: After clicking on that one supplier, I tried several others and they don't list Elio Motors on their sites. Most likely, because they don't produce anything yet. But, still...
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