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Friday Blog Is Out

Discussion in 'General Elio Discussion' started by Johnny Acree, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Johnny Acree

    Johnny Acree Elio Addict

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    May 12, 2014
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    4287 & 22039
    I posted high lites from the 2017 Momenmums, so here are hilites from 3 Wheeling

    • Over 63,600 reservations for our revolutionary vehicle
    • Eight Prototypes and Engineering vehicles
    • Securing and engaging a world class supplier team
    • Taking the company from private to publicly traded
    • Secured a factory to build our vehicle in Shreveport, LA
    • Engineering, design and soft tooling for production of the revolutionary Elio
    • Compiled a strong board of directors and leadership team
    • Shovel ready to create over 20,000 direct and indirect jobs
    • State by state legislation victories for autocycles
    • Manufacturers agreeing to move production and manufacturing jobs from overseas to the US and
    • our plant.

    • We were able to lock in our price!
    • [​IMG]
    we sent the E1-D to our HVAC supplier RedDOT in Seattle.

    Today, the next available reservation number is just over 23,000.
    Q & A
    Q: Will the production dash be a single or double din?

    The production dash will be a single din.

    Q: Will there be a port to keep my devices charged?

    Yes, two in fact! One will be a charge-only USB port located in the radio area as well as an aux. power outlet in the dash. Think the “cigarette lighter” minus the lighter. We will have more details on the specifics of the radio forthcoming. Please stay tuned!

    Q: Is the dash in another vehicle?

    Not yet! While we will use a traditional dash, it is unique to Elio Motors.

    Q: My husband and I are newlyweds- will we be able to talk in the Elio?

    A: We have good news for both situations! The Elio comes with an AM/FM radio when you need a break from the conversation. Alternatively, the cabin of the Elio quiet enough that you’ll be able to carry on a conversation while you and your sweetheart are cruising down the road. Win-win!

    Q: If you put wings on the sides of the Elio would it fly?

    A: For now, our focus is on getting the Elio on the road, but you will be able to fly past traffic in the HOV lane.

    Q: This is perfect for me as a contractor, can I put 4 pieces of 4’ x 8’ plywood and 6 or so 2×4’s in the back?

    A: This question came from a “glass half full” kind of guy. The beauty of the Elio is that it’s affordable enough to buy for commuting AND let you keep the vehicle you use to haul your plywood or tow your boat. And, no, the Elio is not built to carry the same thing as a full size pick-up…

    The 65,000 # explaned
    What did 65,000 reservations signify?

    When we began taking reservations, the base price for the Elio was a targeted base model price. We have worked tirelessly to keep the Elio as affordable as we possibly can, as it is one of our four key tenets. We chose the 65,000 number as the proverbial line in the sand that would end the early adopter stage of our journey. Additionally, the binding commitments also served as further proof of the level of commitment and passion of our supporters that is useful in our funding efforts.

    Did you need to reach 65,000 reservations to start production/does production start at 65000 reservations.?

    Simply put, no, production was not scheduled to start at 65,000. The 65,000-reservation mark was chosen by us as a number to mark the end of the early adopter stage for our reservations. We plan on filling all reservations in our first year of production and are continuing to offer reservations and are thankful for the tremendous amount of interest in our vehicle and our mission. Your reservations are very helpful as we seek the requisite funding.

    Here are the top 10 states in descending order (can you hear the drumroll?):

    10: Pennsylvania

    9: Georgia

    8: Michigan

    7: Ohio

    6: New York

    5: Washington

    4: Arizona

    3: Florida

    2: Texas

    1: California

    All of the states in the top 10 have over 2,000 reservations. California is in the lead with almost 7,500 reservations! Our home state of Arizona, while not the most populous state in the union, is showing some great hometown support! Also, Washington and Arizona reservations continue to outpace the per capita averages, both by a significant amount. Additionally, we passed a milestone of sorts with every state in the United States has well over 100 reservations!

    End of part one
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  2. Johnny Acree

    Johnny Acree Elio Addict

    Likes Received:
    May 12, 2014
    Reservation #:
    4287 & 22039
    Part two


    Our Transmission Mission

    Earlier this week, we announced an agreement with AISIN Group. AISIN will be the supplier transmission to Elio Motors. AISIN Group is the 6th largest Tier one automotive supplier, not to mention the largest transmission manufacturer. We’ve had quite a few questions come in about the transmission options in the Elio. We’ll have a ton of in-depth information about our transmission options in an upcoming Momentum. Until then, you can rest assured that this partnership is an unequivocal win for Elio owners.

    There was a Pop up event with Q & A
    Luckily, spring was generous to our pop-up event on Wednesday in Pontiac, Michigan. In last Friday’s Blog, we highlighted the showing, and the attendance was incredible. True to form, Elio supporters showed up in full force, and were ready and waiting well before the start of the event. It was great to interact with a combination of diehard Elio fans, folks who knew only the basics, and passersby that absolutely needed to find out more. Trust us, if you put our vehicle out in public, it turns some heads.

    Naturally, we fielded some great questions from the crowd. We realize that not everyone could make it to the pop-up event in Pontiac, so we’ll cover a few of the common questions here:

    “Will there be another pop-up event in my area soon?”

    It’s possible! Right now, our focus is on the task at hand, which is getting the vehicle into production, and this is an all hands on deck effort. There may be future pop-up events, but most of our focus at this stage is behind the scenes in funding and moving toward production.

    “The Licorice E1c is all one color, including the fenders, while the rear of the fairings on the Red Hot P5 are black. Can I choose the look I like best?”

    Absolutely! You will be able to color coordinate your Elio, through the My Elio My Way after sales program, and choose whichever scheme fits your taste. Each Elio will come standard with color matching front wheel fairings, all of which have the black rear portion.

    “What will the final name be for the vehicle? Will it be the Elio?”

    Very, very interesting question. The answer to this question is forthcoming.


    One of our blue-chip suppliers, Creative Liquid Coatings, recently gave a few team members a tour of their incredible plant in Indiana.


    Elio Motors Inc. Files Registration Statement for Proposed Public Offering

    Elio Motors Seeks to Raise $100 Million

    Company Intends to list on the NASDAQ Global Market

    The details page was updated. it is a single page specifications document that hits the technical side of the Elio and for the newly introduced, is a great place to get the “Details” on the vehicle. The page is resident online here: www.eliomotors.com/#details and when you scroll down, there is a convenient button to download the single sheet.


    More Q & A

    some odds and ends vehicle questions!

    What kind of key comes standard in the Elio?

    Currently, a standard key/fob will come as standard equipment, one piece. This is not in stone at this point as we are working with vendors to minimize cost in all areas.

    Will a rearview mirror be an available option?

    We do not plan on offering a rearview mirror as an option because it is an obsolete feature in the Elio. With our front-to-back configuration and vehicle geometry, the side mirrors provide the driver with adequate sight lines for backing up. Additionally, a rearview camera will almost certainly be available as an option.

    Does the interior come with a dome light?

    Yes, a dome light located directly above the steering wheel comes standard.

    How adjustable is the front seat?

    The Elio comes standard with a 6-way manual front seat. 6-way means up/down/forward/aft/lean forward/lean rearward (until impeded by back seat, like most every vehicle on road today). We are planning on a power seat as an option as well.

    Can I remove the back seat for extra storage?

    Yes, you could, but the space gain is minimal as the rear seat is formed and shaped and overall fairly thin. Remember, the rear seat folds down for extra storage space.

    What am I supposed to do with my golf clubs?

    No issues here, Yes.

    How many cup holders are in the vehicle and where are they located?

    No fear, both occupants will stay adequately hydrated (or caffeinated) in the Elio. The driver’s cup holder is located in front of the gear shift, while the rear cup holder is situated in front of the passenger.

    What material comes standard on the floor of the vehicle?

    Black carpeting will come standard in the Elio and if you want a different color of carpeting it will be available through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. This is a recent change and isn’t even reflected on the configurator yet.

    Will the Elio have a space to store insurance, registration, and other important documents?

    Yes, the storage area is located on the lower right-hand side of the driver’s seat below the gear shifter. Also, there will be a kind of “map pocket” located inside the door.

    Will daytime running lights come as a standard feature?

    Daytime running lights will not come as a standard feature. Remember, we are looking to make the Elio as affordable as we possibly can. While daytime running lights will not be standard, it can be a feature if you turn on your headlights every time you start up your Elio!

    Will there be a hook in the rear seat to keep my clothes from getting wrinkled?

    Yes, you will be able to transport your dry cleaning in the Elio as a clothing hook comes standard over the window in the rear seat.

    Will there be an option for lights on the fenders?

    At this stage, we do not plan on offering lights on the fenders of the Elio. In terms of visibility, the Elio is by no means the first vehicle to have outbound wheels (think the Plymouth Prowler) but fender reflectors will be available. The reflectors are on the “bubble list,” meaning that if we can fit them into the base price they will come standard. Stay tuned!

    Will the Elio pull a trailer?

    The Elio is designed to do many things: achieve incredible gas mileage, sail through the HOV lane, and much more. Our first model is not designed to pull a trailer and at this stage, we do not plan on offering a trailer hitch as an option. For extra luggage space, a roof rack will be available as an option.

    Q & A about Elio credit card

    Q: What kind of credit will I need to qualify?

    We are focused on making the Elio, but the partner we choose to supply the credit card will make this determination. There, of course, will be some creditworthiness requirements, but we believe that with our ultra-low base price that a wide range of credit scores will qualify. We know logically that more people can qualify for $7,000 loan than for a new car costing over $30,000.

    Q: Will there be a minimum payment?

    Yes, there will need to be a minimum amount paid toward the loan amount every month, regardless of gas purchases. The minimum amount will depend on a number of factors and will be available in the coming months.

    Q: Can I use the credit card when I fill up my other vehicles? What about other purchases?

    That detail is yet to be finalized, but we anticipate the answer to be yes, you can use the card whenever you like! Important to note however that the card will work the same for all purchases. All purchases will be charged 3X the amount, with 2/3rds of the purchase going toward the payment of your Elio.

    Q. Can I opt for different payment options, or even just pay in cash?

    Absolutely you can pay in cash! Additionally, we will have traditional financing options available so you have options on how to best finance your Elio.


    Will I be able to pick up my Elio from the factory?

    At this stage, our plan is to allow $1,000 All-In reservation holders to come down to the plant, take a tour of the facility, and head on down the road in their new Elio. The details are still being ironed out, but we think it’s going to be an awesome experience for our early adopters. Also, there have been some discussions out there about picking the vehicle up at the factory to save on the delivery fee. This is not true as there will be a delivery charge at the plant for this select group of $1000 all in reservation holders yet to be finalized.

    Can I pick up my Elio from a marshalling center?

    The marshalling centers are dedicated solely to installing options and handling logistics as quickly as possible and therefore will not be available as a consumer pickup location.

    You mention different delivery options for reservation holders. What are they?

    Great question! Reservation holders will have several delivery options available and the process could be different from that of the general public. While not all 60 stores will be open the day we start production, as stores open in the first year, pickup at those retail centers will be an option. Reservation holders can also opt to have their vehicles shipped to several available locations: a local public space like a racetrack or fairgrounds, maybe a supplier partner’s location or maybe, to make the process really on demand, even right to their front door! The costs are still being finalized as we work through the process, but just like with everything we do, we are committed to keeping the prices as low as we possibly can.

    Well Nov - Dec were not very eventful. and as EM stated the Friday blog was used as a recap of Wed. Momentum blogs, and a place for Q & A.

    Here's wishing y'all a Happy New Year!!!
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  3. Johnny Acree

    Johnny Acree Elio Addict

    Likes Received:
    May 12, 2014
    Reservation #:
    4287 & 22039
    Happy Friday Elio’ers! Today marks the first Friday of 2018, and we sincerely hope that you had a phenomenal holiday season. If you found it difficult to get back into the groove the past few days, it only means that you enjoyed the Holidays. The past couple of weeks are intended to be enjoyed with the ones that mean the most while at the same time reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next year. The dawn of a new year paves the way for a new year of improvements and forward momentum.

    While we work towards our target of starting production in 2019, we know that the upcoming year will be one of progress and forward momentum. To start, we plan on revamping our communications. In the past, one of our weekly communications (known as the Momentum) has covered a single topic. Moving forward, the Momentum will change slightly to cover several topics in the same document. So, if you’re keen on the exacting (or nerdy) engineering details, we will cover that. You may also see articles about our supplier partners, some general industry news, our progress, or other interesting and relevant information. The new format gives us some freedom and should appeal to your level of interest, so you’ll find something interesting in every Momentum.

    The change in the Momentum is geared to keeping you in the loop and was developed based on feedback from you, our fans. We think you will really like it. Additionally, if the Wednesday email doesn’t reach your inbox, definitely let us know, we can fix it.

    As we move into 2018 we are resolved to keeping you informed and moving aggressively toward production.

    Thanks for your support and bring on 2018!
  4. Sailor Dog

    Sailor Dog Elio Addict

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    Mar 17, 2016
    South West
    New format, new momentum & progress, supplier partner & industry news, stay in the loop (& you'll be an insider too), ELIO MOVING AGGRESSIVELY TO PRODUCTION!!! :car:
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
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  5. Johnny Acree

    Johnny Acree Elio Addict

    Likes Received:
    May 12, 2014
    Reservation #:
    4287 & 22039
    Happy Friday Elio’ers! The holidays may be in the rearview mirror, but a new year and clean slate is right in front of us. The changing calendar evokes different emotions from different types of folks. For some, the uncertainty of anything new is inherently worrying; after all, there are no guarantees. For others, the future is filled with endless possibilities and limitless potential. We think that the Elio will ultimately meet both groups at the intersection of innovation and practicality.

    Our goal from the beginning and one that we make progress on every day is to produce an innovative and transformative vehicle. Our three-wheeled configuration, distinct design, and unique experience is different enough to attract the crowd that views a new year as a canvas for endless possibilities.

    In addition to being innovative, the Elio can act as a hedge for future changes.

    Here’s how:

    Gas Prices- At up to 84 MPG on the highway, Elio Motors owners can enjoy the benefits of cheap gas prices and not worry about its likely rise. Historically, gas prices have been notoriously volatile. When gas prices eventually begin to creep back up, Elio Motors owners will be more than ready.

    Reliability- According to Edmunds, the average price of a used car is a shade over $19,000. Many used car buyers are looking for a more reasonable deal, but these transactions typically include the caveat of “buyer beware.” The Elio, however, will cost less than half of the average used car and include a 3-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

    New Tech- It’s been proven that option packages are profit centers for car dealers and a source of frustration for car buyers. Not only that, but these option packages are rarely subject to upgrade, so the newest tech is unattainable after the vehicle is purchased. With our ePlus: My Elio, My Way program, Elio owners can bring back their vehicles to an Elio store and add new tech to their vehicles a la carte. This way, you won’t need to buy a new vehicle to keep up with new technology.

    Regardless of how you view the future, we think that the Elio is both exciting and practical. We think that the Elio can be the best of both worlds.

    Before we leave you for the weekend, thanks to those of you that sent in emails and calls about the new Momentum format was difficult to read on some mobile devices. We are working on the fix and should have it in place next week.
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  6. Sailor Dog

    Sailor Dog Elio Addict

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    Mar 17, 2016
    South West
    Had the problem with Momentum format, but was able to read it on this forum. Win for EO & EM :)
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