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My Elio Alternate Project Is Underway.


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Aug 18, 2014
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Well, that went well.

Lower rear strut swingarm mounting brackets, with adjustment holes, kind of looks like the drawing even .....

View attachment 25004

View attachment 25005
Just a thought now, mind you, but with the swing arm now being below the pivot, the wheel will have an increased rearward component (an eccentric?) to its arc in reaction to pothole impact compared to the original pivot location, which is a good thing; but, if the swing arm were placed above the pivot, that would lower the CG (ala Hudson), and increase the swing arm angle allowing the greater rearward component in the wheel arc. The pivot brackets would now be in compression and may require greater thickness. Just a thought.

Mark BEX

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Feb 2, 2021
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the wheel will have an increased rearward component

The rear wheel was always going to be set to initially move rearwards, eg; pivot above axle line, for comfort and compliance. It also helps to keep the rear down under braking.

Currently the pivot location is just a guess'timate until I have set the final ride height, that's why there's a bit of length in all the pivot brackets, so I can adjust their shapes later to suit if required.


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Mar 20, 2014
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Well, I did something a bit unwarranted, but I was curious about the idea, compared to what we already looked at, what about a chop of a super car? (yes, there is a fat/wide tire in the rear)
You would never get the parts to do such a thing, but it does explore a style/product segment. Also I don't think even a small ICE would fit into such a low hood, so maybe this is EV only. But as an EV (as AWD ) it certainly can be sporty while still being efficient.
So,,, here ya are, I'll share it, just for sh...z and giggles.

ps, ignore the girl, I don't think she wants to pay for the ride... :oops: super cars always come with one of those attached don't they, I mean according to the magazine advertisements.:(

Those doors will work, I got them misplaced, and will correct that before I upload to the 3d warehouse (drop the girl, etc etc)


PS note: This also solves a long standing problem for side swinging doors;
How do you open the door when you have to contend with an 'aerodynamic tail' (nacelle) behind the front wheels?
In this case I left a gap between the central body and the tail, and the door is dual articulated.
It swings out like a normal door, but only by 18 degrees, then swings up 75 degrees, more or less.
No motors, or switches or actuators required. Only some springs for lift/balance.
The door locks and seals remain standard.
The support structure for the nacelle is still a challenge.
I extend that as an external floor panel as far back as I feel I can get away with.
Any more and the rider will need to step up on it, which would be a little awkward.
If batteries were to be placed in the nacelles, that might become required.
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Aug 31, 2014
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BIrmingham, Alabama
THAT is the result of a lot of hard work! Love it!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the puzzle completed!

I’d like to see the looks of your neighbors seeing it out there with just 3 wheels!
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